This pages are dedicated.... the old Nokia's like snake. I missed him... So I wrote him....

If you miss him too... You can download it here and play it on every mobile with java!

10.6 09

  • completely customizable mazes!!!!
    • you can create your own maze
    • you can swap mazes in runtime
    • and you can of course select the maze's color
    • you can sahre the mazes in guestbook with others free snak users

the mazes are simple text files inside the jar archive.

"source codes" of two mazes allready available in game are:









Feel free too be inspirated and create a lot of own "mazes".

  • The maze is selected in menu(4,6 like all other), and uit is LAST item in settings. (Scroll settings by * and #)
  • mazes are compatibile with my freepacman.
  • developer's hint - the mazes how you write them in txt file are just a sheet. (eg matrix 15 x 17 points). And this sheet is always adapted to the size of your scren and wirth of your snake!!.


How to add own mazes

There are three ways.

  1. You can send it to me (in feedback), and if they are good enough, i will "embedd" them
  2. if you are developer, you just add them into source packages and compile the jar\
  3. just put them into jar - this option is for everybody:
    1. rename the JudoVanaSnake.jar to
    2. open it and  go to the directory MAZE
    3. here are all the mazes. You can delete them or add your own
    4. all mazes which are avaiable must be also writen in list in mazes. Each line is one maze
    5. rename the zip back to JudoVanaSnake.jar
    6. install to phone


9.6. 09

Because a lot of people like it and they have some wishes...

  • added campaign mode - you are still immortal. But when yopu smashed, you lost your length until you can not be shorter
  • absolutely customisable color schemas
  • all settings are saved in mobilephone
  • (scroll through settings by *#, change value by 46, change property by 28)
  • soon the mazes will be developed

1.6. 09 Advantages

  • immortality - you do not die. If ypu smeshd yourself, you are just restarted. Score and length survive
  • change of speed amd size in runtime
  • enable/diable  walls crash detection  and yourself crash in runtime (two O/X on the top)
  • help have just 4linesd :D
  • its free

If you do not belive me taht the JAR's are clear, you can download the sourcecodes and buidt it yourself.

how to install it

  1. download the version your phone match.
  2. unpack
  3. get the both files  (JudoVanaSnake.jar,JudoVanaSnake.jad)
  4. somehow to the phone (bluetooth...)
  5. run JudoVanaSnake.jad - this will install application somewhere into your phone
    • Some telephones writes at this moment ",,, untrusted application. Download it..."
      1. this application is not on any blacklist or something like it. It just means that vendor - me -is unknown
      2. download will NOT CONNECT TO web., because necessary jar is already in yout telephone. This download connect to web only for commercial application when you have just jad in phone and jar is somewhere in the store.
  6. run Judovana's Free Snake (somewhere in game and more)

Some screenshots


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